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Not a whole lot in my case, the hiring manager was the bid manager for a project that was won by my previous employer for which I participated in. Hence the interview was focused on my experience on that project and the hiring manager charing with me that how they went all in during the bid process but didn't win the job. Basically it was a more like a discussion and laughter. This was in London, England hence the hiring process could differ from place to place.

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By being calm and always willing to share my experience as I know the manager might not be able to get to every single one of them. Basically selling myself

What is it mail ID

Experienced based questions regarding my background body of work.

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This computer mouse is broken, how do you fix it?

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Describe a time when you were under stress and how did you deal with it

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Nothing difficult really, CV based, however i would advise to speak with HR and hiring manager on phone first before going face to face to interview. Because the HR manager tells me something on phone, but when 1 to 1 interview it was not the same.

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The competencies were: leadership, stakeholder management, performance drive. The HR sent guidance notes in advance to prepare for the interview and explain what the competencies mean exactly.

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Background on qualifications etc

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Explain the Full project lifecycle process

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If i was an animal, what would i be?

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