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This computer mouse is broken, how do you fix it?

2 Answers

Define the problem, confirm the problem, diagnose the cause of the problem, rectify cause and test. They also added training into that, as that is part of the job role.

Fix it to the USB port in the CPU!

Give an example of where you have missed a business critical deadline

1 Answer

Experienced based questions regarding my background body of work.

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What on my CV is relevant to the role?

1 Answer

what do you think about Aston Martin?

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The competencies were: leadership, stakeholder management, performance drive. The HR sent guidance notes in advance to prepare for the interview and explain what the competencies mean exactly.

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Tell us a time when there was tension between you and a colleague and how you managed to pull through.

Explain past projects, history, Why the move

Case study questions to do with how to manage projects when there is an unexpected event e.g. the neighbours are unhappy with the drilling site due to the noise it creates, what can you do? or if there is not enough production facility what do you?

in an organisation which operates a matrix managed structure, how could i get the best out of a team without having direct control over that team?

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