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Presentation on your past research projects

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10 minutes presentation on my past research projects

Hi, thanks for posting this. I've got a RA interview and asked to do a 5 mins presentation about the current project too. I find it really difficult as it's my second research interview; I'm only involved in the data collection part. Not sure if I should talk about what the rest of the team is doing, or do they ask follow-up questions? Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you!

1. What do you know about the University? 2. What is required for a PhD student to get a successful Doctorate? 3. Technical Questions related to the projects

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They showed a range of apple products on the screen and asked: "what's missing?"

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What activity would i set up in the preschool room to promote maths

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What are your research skills? What are your lab skills? What do you like to do in a 6-month project?

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They ask a general question about my background, the methods I used and theory about transport mechanisms.

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why did you choose to work in theatre?

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What is your favourite apple Product/service and why?

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What makes apple products different from other products?

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