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Explain the Goldman Sachs principles

1 Answer

silly question, we are not in school, we should be speaking about our experiences.

What is your experience of Citrix?

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Meaningless questions, which were Identical to the telephone interview. Was told to delivery a presentation, expecting interactive delivery on a computer, this was printed out, unacceptable in my mind as a tool to present my plans

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Describe a time you've had to deal with conflict.

What do you know about boux?

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How do you effect change? Describe a time when you had to deliver bad news? Describe a time when you had to discipline someone and what was the outcome? How do you react to pressure? Have you worked to deadlines and what do you do if these are not met?

Describe the relevant skills you possess in order to satsify a number if situations.

Describe a time when you were challenged by senior management and how you handled it

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