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Why choose to join FoodPanda?

3 Answers

To join an organisation, polish my skills, using them to grow and earn good for my efforts.

Sales reporting "as my beginning carrier is also sales background"

I have my sales background experience of almost 10 years

All type of behavioural questions you can google. My impression on the Panel Interview is that you want to be successful, your answers should have no emotion factors and as cold as possible consisting lies about how great you are. The balance word should never appear in whatever you're asked for.

4 Answers

Why amazon? Tell me about a situatiion where you were leading a group Situation where you were dealing with data Tell me about a situation where you were leading but you failed? Why? What would you change? Regrets? Situation where you were dealing with difficult people

3 Answers

Q: Why Aldi?

2 Answers

Questions about my experience, in relation to the leadership principles. They we happy to receive answers about my work experience, university experience, or sports background.

2 Answers

why do you want to work for aldi?

2 Answers

Tell me about your life from 0 to 22?

2 Answers

How much do you think your area turns over a year?

1 Answer

why you leaving current company?

1 Answer

Can you hear me over the sound of a flushing toilet?

1 Answer
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