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What is customer service for you

17 Answers

talk about working experiences that evaluate cust service skills

Assistance or helped that we proved to the customers.

Assistance or helped that we proved to the customers.

A new cosmetic product costs 74 cents each to manufacture, and 67 cents each to market. If 40,000 will be sold, what must the price of each product be to provide a profit of 25% of the price?

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What letter is next in each of these series? D E F S T G H I S T K L R M N R O P R B B C C E E H H M M M L L K J J J I K L M S T N O P S T A B A B G H C D C D G H R K R J S K S J T C D E F G C D E G C D T U V T U W T U

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Root Cause analysis approach to slow client connection due to a faulty database. How to support the customer from a Support engineer point of view.

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Typical HR questions which included why do you want to join LogicMonitor and what do you know about the company.

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How do you consider yourself...

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You need to really know how packets flow around a network. Proper deep dive.

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Experience of Mac OS

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Who is the rival of Bloomberg? -> Thomson Reuters

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