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Previous experience

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Ran through CV

tell me about past experience?

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is competency based, tell me about a time you had to deal with a complaint

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Underwriting experience

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What factors would you consider when insuring this building?

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Who do you know/ are related to in this organisation?

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Explain the Funding Circle process in detail.

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How do you feel you would fit in to the business at FRFL?

First given an overview of the scheme I had applied to, introduction to the interviewer and what they do etc. Talked through aspects of my CV, asking about my previous roles, why I decided to do my university course etc. and what I wanted to do afterwards (a grad scheme obviously?! why else would I be talking to you?). Location preferences Why did I apply for this role in particular over another Allianz scheme? What do I know about Allianz and its products/services? What activities do I think this role will involve? What challenges do I think I will face in this role? What is the name of the qualification I would be taking (ACII) and can I talk about what it involves? A time I went above and beyond for a customer How I got around challenges of working with a team of different personalities What was a big challenge you set yourself and how did you achieve it? When have you lead a group of people and provided purpose and direction? Each answer was probed with further questions on how/why you made that decision and I was always asked how I would make it better next time/what would I change if it were to happen again. Not going to lie, I completely fell apart in this interview and it went really bad. Which was disappointing as I had spent so much time and energy preparing for it and have some really good experiences. I started off OK when talking about the company but just lost it half way through the competency questions and stumbled so not expecting to get through. Only had my interview today so don't know the outcome yet but not holding my breath. Lasted 40 minutes in total which was quite short compared to the 50 minutes he suggested so that's another reason I think it went bad.

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