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  • In the lead up to the Holiday Season (yes, we are already thinking about it...) this month we decided to dedicate October to Health & Fitness. We've had a number of educational pop up events, as well as weekly exercise sessions such as Street Gym, Yoga and Lunchtime Walk Clubs.

  • Last week we launched our latest TV ad campaign. What do you think? Do you like it as much as we do?

  • As part of the Photobox Group, we have recently introduced our new philosophy on Diversity & Inclusion!

    We are lucky to say that for a group of businesses built around personalisation, we’re a very diverse bunch. Together with our sister brands Moonpig, Hofmann España, posterXXL GmbH and Greetz, we have employees from over 51 nationalities, we’re proudly based in five countries and our customers come to us from all backgrounds and walks of life. That’s a really good thing!

    But we’re still eager to do even more to ensure #PhotoboxGroup is a place where everyone can turn up to work as their authentic self, being valued for their unique contributions to our family.

    This is why we are rolling out a number of initiatives to attract, recruit and progress the best talent, we're launching a women in leadership programme and we continue to develop our culture to be more inclusive and work to raise everyone’s awareness.


  • 45% of young people believe AI will choose better gifts than them within 2 years according to our recent research. We aimed to find out how people feel about using AI to make their gifts emotionally intelligent. Want to hear more? Click below to read the details on V3.

    Does AI have a role when it comes to emotional decisions? | V3

    Research from Photobox Group has shown that people are putting an increasing amount of trust into artificial intelligence - even when it comes to making emotional decisions. 45 per cent of young people (16-24) expect that AI will be better than them at choosing gifts within the next two years.

  • Our awesome new HQ is the perfect place to host external events so we invited the wonderful 10 Digital Ladies to host their meetups here. The latest event was looking at ‘How to embrace ambiguity and uncertainty in a fast-paced digital world?’ with Anne J Simmons, Lindsay Ratcliffe, Reshma Shaikh and Lindy Stephens. Find out what we learned from these wonderful ladies, here:

    10 things we learned about embracing ambiguity

    The latest 10 Digital Ladies event tackled the question 'How to embrace ambiguity and uncertainty in a fast-paced digital world?' In an ever

  • #AI can help you create your wedding album, but can it really be emotionally intelligent? Rob Scammell from Verdict speaks to our Group CTO Richard Orme to find out how hashtag#Photobox strikes the right balance when using AI to create something as personal as a photo album.

    Can AI Be Used to Improve a Customer's Emotional Journey? - Verdict AI | Issue 5 | August 2018

    AI that tells your story with you, not for you The underlying concept of Photobox's AI is for it to tell the customer's story with them, not for them. When customers were presented with an option that can create an entire album automatically in a matter of seconds, they rejected it."They actually want to spend the time doing it," said Orme.

  • We've just completed an EPIC data migration project. We moved 5.7 billion photos on to the cloud. If you were to print all of those photos, you could cover the Earth's surface 1.25 times. That's right, that's 9 petabytes of data. It's because we are the guardians of Europe's largest consumer photo database. Now that we have moved everything to the cloud, we get to focus on what we enjoy, innovating for our customers. But why we chose hashtag#AWS? Have a quick view of this video to find out.

  • We always knew it was very special... but thrilled to see the recognition from The Times as well!! Did you miss this in the paper last week? Click below to read from our Group CEO, Jody Ford on how our new London HQ was designed to support our ambitions.

    Designing the perfect work space for your organisation

    Jody Ford, chief executive, PhotoBox Group We recently moved into a new East London office called Herbal House, which holds 400 employees across our four online brands PhotoBox, Moonpig, Hofmann and PosterXXL. The building is an old print works, with four floors and a huge atrium in the middle, and each business is on a different floor.

  • The beauty of our Hackathon is seeing people from all of the four brands of the Photobox Group coming together to collaborate and combine their collective energy and sheer brainpower to come up with some fantastic hacks. This year was no different, and so we’re proud to present the story of Hackathon 2018. To everybody who worked so hard to bring it to life, and everybody who took part, thank you. Together, we make magic happen!

  • Can AI Be Emotionally Intelligent? If you missed our London Tech Week event, you can read a great summary on

    Can AI really be emotionally intelligent?

    By Vaughn Highfield Is emotional AI really the next frontier for artificial intelligence? In Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, author Philip K Dick questions the notion that an artificial brain could ever be capable of understanding emotion. Is it possible for a machine to really ever have an emotional connection with a human if it can't empathise or express emotion itself?

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