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Five of the Best Companies in Manchester

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Manchester is one of the UK’s major cities and a hub for many different types of businesses. According to Bilfinger GVA, Manchester is second only to London in the UK in terms of companies taking out office space. Here are five of the highest rated employers headquartered in Manchester according to employees*:

Oliver James Associates (Company Rating 4.9)

oliver james

See what employees have to say about Oliver James Associates:

“Oliver James Associates offer a great opportunity to take that next step in your career and earn the money you’ve always wanted to. When I first met one of the directors I was told the outline straight from the start and it has been nothing different to what I was promised.” – Oliver James Associates Researcher, Manchester

“Training and development are only fairly recently established but have improved things greatly across the company – I think employees now feel like they are fully supported and worked with to achieve their personal goals.” – Oliver James Associates Manager, Manchester

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 Avecto (Company Rating 4.8)

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See what employees have to say about Avecto:

“The overall company culture is excellent, this is shown by how employees think of each other as one big family. It is a great place to work, relaxed and provides a lot of room for career growth through training as well as valuable mentoring.” – Avecto Graduate Software Engineer, Manchester

“The culture of the company is something that will strike you from day 1. The positivism and efficiency here is addictive.” – Avecto Marketing, Manchester

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Auto Trader UK (Company Rating 4.7)

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See what employees have to say about Auto Trader UK:

“Auto trader do actually seem to care about their staff and customers. There is a continual drive to be doing the right thing and reviewing what is currently being done.” – Auto Trader UK Software Engineer, Manchester

“The company really cares about you and understands that if you make a nice working environment people will be more willing to put in the effort. I don’t feel any pressure to work beyond my regular hours but when required I will put extra time in. If anything my boss believes you should be able to get your work done within your hours.” – Auto Trader UK Data Analyst, Manchester

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BrightHR (Company Rating 4.5)


See what employees have to say about BrightHR:

“This is a fantastic company to work for. The environment is the best, the culture is fun and you can really feel at home. As places to work go, this is near perfect.” – BrightHR Sales, Manchester

“As an employee your ideas are listened to, and your input into everything from the brand to the culture is appreciated. An appreciation of the employee is key, which is refreshing.” – BrightHR User Experience, Manchester

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Avensure (Company Rating 4.3)


See what employees have to say about Avensure:

“Working for Avensure is really different. I was given support and training to carry out my role and what I didn’t know I had easy access to management and senior management to give me help. I was encouraged to ask questions and learn.” – Avensure Marketing Assistant, Manchester

“I joined Avensure a little over 3 years ago and in my 19 years career, am the happiest I’ve ever been! Being part of a company that is constantly evolving and expanding is exciting and challenging.” – Avensure employee, Manchester

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Do you work at one of these companies or another great employer in Manchester? What do you think of your company and your job? Let others know by sharing a review.

Methodology: Based on employers with an HQ in Manchester and 10 or more reviews from employees in the UK as of 9 June, 2016. Ratings run to the thousandth but are rounded to one decimal place for reporting purposes.