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11 Great UK Employers You’ve Never Heard Of

There are great employers and satisfied employees across the length and breadth of Britain. But while big names such as Expedia and GE are named UK Best Places to Work, what are some of the most attractive smaller companies to work for? Here are some of the highest rated employers that are not household names…yet:

1. Alpha FX

alpha fx

Company rating: 5.0 (Ratings based on a 5.0 scale)

About them: Alpha FX is a foreign exchange specialist for corporates, based in Reading, Berkshire.

Employee comment: “There is an enormous amount to be learnt from the directors who lead by example and regularly share their thoughts with the room in open discussions in which everyone’s opinion is valued.” – Alpha FX Portfolio Manager, Reading

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2. The Good Care Group

good care group

Company rating: 4.9

About them: The Good Care Group is a live in care provider, based in London.

Employee comment: “A positive, forward thinking, dynamic company that really makes a difference to the lives of people needing care at home.” – The Good Care Group Head of Development, London

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3. RHP


Company rating: 4.8

About them: RHP is a housing business with a social purpose, providing affordable homes to people unable to rent or buy in the local private housing market. RHP is based in Teddington, Middlesex.

Employee comment: “RHP invests a considerable amount of time and resource to make sure that employees have all the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver a great service, both externally and internally.” – RHP Head of ICT, Teddington

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4. Vacancy Filler

vacancy filler office

Company rating: 4.8

About them: Vacancy Filler is a tech company providing clients with a cloud-based recruitment platform, and is based in Loughborough.

Employee comment: “Super office atmosphere. Extremely friendly management team. Lots of opportunity for advancement.” – Vacancy Filler Sales Executive, Loughborough

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5. iwoca

iwoca office

Company rating: 4.8

About them: iwoca is a small business lender, based in London.

Employee comment: “Fantastic potential for career growth due to the flat structure. Really flexible working. Great team mentality in tech/risk, and lots of group activities/trips.” – iwoca Risk Data Scientist, London

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6. Thrive Tribe

thrive tribe adventure

Company Rating: 4.8

About them: Thrive Tribe works with local communities to promote healthy living, and is based in Stratford, London

Employee comment: “Excellent organisation with real values and no hierarchy, many staff realise their career ambitions with Thrive Tribe. The team building activities and opportunities are great.” – Thrive Tribe Service Development, London

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7. Grayce

Grayce (1)

Company rating: 4.7

About them: Grayce is niche consultancy providing professional services for change management and transformation, based in Macclesfield.

Employee comment: “Great team of supportive people who are motivated to work with you to achieve your potential. A great opportunity to work and be associated with a well respected brand and network of people.” – Grayce Project Analyst, Macclesfield

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8. Osborne

Company rating: 4.7

About them: Osborne is a family-owned construction services and development business, based in Reigate, Surrey.

Employee comment: “Senior management are open and honest and tell it like it is, good and bad. Chairman makes a point of trying to get to know every member of staff on a first name basis. Directors come across as being very approachable.” – Osborne Building Services Manager, Reigate.

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9. Northern Gas and Power

Company rating: 4.7

About them: Northern Gas and Power is a specialist solutions provider for the Gas and Electricity markets, working for businesses and government organisations. It is based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Employee comment: “The company is very dynamic, modern and the opportunities within is vast. The people working within NGP are a great bunch of people. The environment is very clean, and location is great.” – NGP Compliance Manager, Gateshead

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10. Kainos


Company rating: 4.6

About them: Kainos is a digital technology solutions provider based in Belfast.

Employee comment: “No limit to growth or challenge. Culture of excellence at all levels. Highly supportive, collaborative people, who genuinely want each other to do well.” – Kainos Architect, Belfast

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11. Beaumont Legal

Company Rating: 4.5

About them: Beaumont Legal provides conveyancing and other legal services and is based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Employee comment: “Colleagues are amazingly helpful and friendly and management do listen – they are friendly and approachable and will do everything they can to make you happy within your job!” – Beaumont Legal Legal Secretary, Wakefield

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Methodology: Based on employers with 10 or more reviews from employees in the UK as of 22 June, 2016. Ratings run to the thousandth but are rounded to one decimal place for reporting purposes.