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Graduate Software Developer Interview Questions


Graduate software developer interview questions shared by candidates

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Where do i see myself in 5 years

1 Answer

with citi, hopefully higher up the foodchain

Binary search in a continuous space

1 Answer

Computer tests: 1. a sort of IQ test. 2. we have some operations acting on strings and want to know the meaning of each operation. 3. essay (what's your favourite programming language).

1 Answer

Questions around Social and Economic justice will test your morale's and feelings toward certain issues. Be prepared for that. They are looking for thinkers and people who obviously support the company mission. Don't treat this as an interview per-say. Treat it as if you was having a conversation with a friend.

1 Answer

What programming language do you think will see a decline in popularity in the future and why?

1 Answer

Inserting into a Sorted Linked List

2 Answers

The most difficult questions for me were the ones related with my views on social and economic justice issues. They really care about bringing people in that question the status quo and have their own opinions on different topics even if these topics can be controversial.

1 Answer

Tell us about a time where you dealt and solved a problem?

1 Answer

You are given a 2D array which is populated with numbers. The 2D array simulates a map where a country is defined by a number who's neighbors are different numbers to them. if the number neighboring are the same then the count as one complete country. Write an Algorithm which will go through a 2d matrix and count the number of countries

1 Answer

Interview question: Imagine you have an array. With numbers 1 to 100 written in each position. However one number is missing. Write a program which find the position and which number is missing. All interview question are from the book, How to crack the coding interview.

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