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When looking for a research assistant position, you can expect to be interviewed about your education in the field of research you are applying to, your clerical skills and your ability to work independently under tight time constraints. The interview and job expectations as a research assistant will depend largely on the scientific field you intend to research, so make sure you look into the expectations of the lecturers/readers/professors or other senior-level researchers you may end up working under.

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Top Research Assistant Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top research assistant interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: Tell us about your research interests.

How to answer: The interviewer may want to envision how you would fit into their current projects. Speak about your field of study. You can use this question to highlight your passion for the field. It might also benefit you to mention that you are open to working on any project.

Question No. 2: Describe your computer experience.

How to answer: Computer skills are vital in research. Make sure you tailor your response to the job responsibilities. Describe how you have used computers for research in the past. You might mention tasks such as searching databases or performing analysis.

Question No. 3: Do you have experience of seeking funding?

How to answer: Funding is an essential step in many research projects. Highlight any past experience you have, and mention specific methods you have used, such as applying for grants or making presentations requesting funding. If you don't have experience, highlight your eagerness and ability to learn.

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Alberta Health Services
Research Assistant was asked...16 May 2017

Tell me about yourself

11 Answers

I will do my assigned work with full dignity

My name is Stephanie. I have 30 years of experience working with seniors and special needs people. I’m caring and maternal and look after others needs first. I am punctual and reliable. Less

My name sandeep Bains I live north side edmonton I am health care aid and I have 2 years India hospital work experience Less

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Are there any areas listed in the job description that you are less skilled at or inexperienced in?

6 Answers


No Never

No Never

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Nannies on Call

Standard stuff with judgemental.ones thrown in i.e will you pay for someone to watch your kids while you work from home ? Will you be distracted all day? Etc

4 Answers


20 mins

Are u her

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Q. technical questions related to evaluation methods Q. behavioral question related to conflict in a group

4 Answers

Bachelor (Honours)

Bachelor (Honours)

Whether it is a city wide survey? Sure, and is going to be a property census on predetermined assets within geographic boundary. Less

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University of Texas at El Paso

Give brief summary of your research interests.

4 Answers

I wrote a 3 pages summary describing different topics.

I am looking for drought resistant genotypes varieties of rice and wheat crops which could grow normally without reducing grain yield. I would like to present some pictures of my work at IRRI.selection of suitable rice genotypes is critical in growing rice successfully with less water. However, information on the response of different genotypes to such water saving technologies is still lacking. Thus, the field experiment with the objective to evaluate the grain yield and yield components water productivity performances grown under AWD20, AWD40 and under CF irrigation schemes. Less

Water management technology: I am also lookibg for different methods of water application in rice and wheat crop. It is necessary to select appropriate methods of irrigation for these two crops which maintain grain yield without increasing cost of cultivation. Therefore, i am trying to develop different scheme to irrigate crops. Less

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University of Texas at San Antonio

Are you really interested to do research on the specified topic?

4 Answers

Certainly, that's why I applied for.



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Jane Street

Design a betting system on a 7 series game beetween two teams A and B (even odds at each game), such as if A wins the series your cumulated gain is exacly £100 and if A looses your cumulated loss is exactly £100.

3 Answers

Had a shot at this, Basically, the trick is to work backwards. Firstly, consider a series with only 1 game, build to 3 games, then to 5 and finally to 7 1 Game Series If you start with no money, you simply bet $100 on A and you obtain the desired result. If you start with some money (X, negative or positive), you can never obtain desired result: Bet 0: X, X (need 100, -100) Bet X: 2X, 0 Bet 2X: 3X, -X Important result (1) 3 game series Starting with no money, make a bet of X on A. Due to symmetry, we will consider only the situation if A wins (B is skew symmetric, i.e. identical bit negative). A:B = 1:0 If A wins again, they have won the series hence they need to win a 100 total. However, if B wins, we are back to a 1 Game Series, and need to enter this stage with no money too. Hence, the bet is identical to the first bet, i.e X. If A wins, you have 2X = 100, X=50 and if A loses you have a 1 game series, following above strategy. Summary, bet $50 on A on game 1 and $50 on A on game 2. If they win both, you're up a $100, they lose both, you're down $100 and they draw, you have zero and it's a 1 game series. If you start with some money for a game 3 series, symmetry no longer holds, as after stage 1, you don't have skew symmetry. Say, you have X if A wins and -Y if B wins, in the event of a tie, you need to have 0 for a 1 game series to lead to desired result. However, if A wins game 2, you have 2X and if B wins you have -2Y, which means for 2X=100=2Y, we can't start with money. This argument holds for 5 and 7. 5 game series: Similarly as before, bet X on A and then X again on A. 1:1 Now a 3 game series with 0 start, recurse 2:0 You have 2X (or -2X in the converse) Now if A wins we need to bet the amount such that the end total is $100. If A loses, we have a 2:1, or a 1:0 lead in a 3 game series. Assume you bet Y 3:0 You have 2X+Y 2:1 You have 2X-Y Following the 2:1 result, which is identical to a 1:0 lead in a 3 game series, we look back and note that 2X-Y = 50 for the same stage in the 3 game series. And 2X+Y=100 for the winning total to be correct: 2X-Y = 50 2X+Y = 100 4X = 150 X = 75/2 Y=25 Summary: Bet 75/2 on A first 2 games. If it's a tie, follow 3 game series. If you win both (or lose both), bet 25 on the next round. If you win, you have a 100, if you lose you're at the 1:0 stage of the 3 game with 50 which can give desired outcome. 7 Game Series: Again as before, bet twice on A with X 1:1 - follow 5 game series 2:0: Bet Y on A (You have 2X in hand) If Lose the game: is a 2:1 result, or a 1:0 lead in a 5 game series You have 2X-Y in hand, and at the same stage in a 5 game series, you need 75/2 3:0: Now bet Z on A (2X+Y in hand) If you win, 2X+Y+Z = 100 You lose, you have 3:1 which is identical to the 2:0 lead in the 5 game series. From above, you need to have 75 at this stage (2X+Y-Z=75) Solving, using the last two eqn alone 2Z = 25 Z = 25/2 Everything else 2X+Y = 175/2 2X-Y = 75/2 4X = 250/2 X = 125/4 Y = 25 In summary, bet 125/4 on A for the first 2 games. If tie, follow 5 game series. Otherwise you've won both (or lost both). Then bet 25 on the next game. If you lose [2:1], follow 5 game series with 1:0 lead. Otherwise, bet 25/2 on the final game. If you win, you have the 100, otherwise [3:1] follow the 5 game series with a 2:0 lead. Less

I got the same answer as Varun. But I think it's easier to do in terms of a tree. Start with (0,0) and then two possible nodes (0,1) and (1,0). If either team reaches a 4, it is a terminal state, with value -100 or +100. You'll end up with a tree that widens and then narrows to (3,4) and (4,3). Now use backward induction. Label each node with Value|Bet. Less

You immediately bet 100$ that A will win the series and - that's it.

SF State University

What projects would you be interested in working on?

3 Answers

I said that I would be interested in doing controls. When Dr. Quintero started to list a few projects, I picked the projects that I was interested in. Less

I will be interested in creativity projects

I would be interested in fabrication and creativity projects, I like inventing into new ideas Less

National University of Singapore

Tell me what is your research interests and why do you choose to work in our research field

3 Answers

HI, How long was the waiting frame for the offer letter and medical check up after they informed you that you were selected for the position? Is the signing of the offer letter is done after the clearance of the medical check? Thanks in advance Less

Hi, should they select you, the offer letter will be given within 1 week, followed by medical check up within the next few days depending on your availability. yes, you have to sign the offer letter first before going for the medical checkup. Good luck! Less

I like to research on autobiography n science documentary. Nus is a prestigious university. I’ve been working as a school teacher for 5 yrs as well as full time tutor for 26 yrs. Wish to have a career switch. Less

University of Cape Town

Would you be willing to hike to collect water samples?

3 Answers




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