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Senior Executive - Finance & Accounts was asked...29 June 2012

What would you do, if you are in a situation where in you are requesting for a certain input from a very senior person in the management and he is not replying back to your emails, phone calls etc. And this input is crucial for you to meet a deadline.

8 Answers

to know the right way

Convey to the right chanel

I would start with emails, if that does not work, I would personally try to catch the supervisor and make sure I explain the situation or possible get the right advice I seek. Less

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Morgan Stanley

At a party everyone shakes hands, 66 hand shakes occur, how many people are at the party?

9 Answers


You can suppose there are n people in the room and think of them in a row. The first one has to shake hands with (n-1) people (because he doesn't have to shake hands with himself). The second one has already shaken hands with the first one, so he has (n-2) shakes remaining... and so on. So you have to sum: (n-1)+(n-2)+(n-3)+...+1= (n/2)*(n-1) Then you have to solve (n/2)*(n-1)=66 and you get n=12. Less

n(n-1)/2=66 so n=12

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Pretend 1% of the population has a disease. You have a test that determines if you have that disease, but it's only 80% accurate and 20% of the time you get a false positive, how likely is it you have the disease.

8 Answers

1% Given: 1. 1% of the population has a disease 2. A test exists to identify disease carriers The questions makes no statement regarding whether or not you have taken the test, the second piece of data has no relevance. You have a 1% chance Less

1%. The first sentence gives you all the info you need.

You don't need the test. The answer is given... 1% of the population has the disease... Answer: 1% Less

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Why Siemens? Tell me about yourself

7 Answers

Out of my over 30 years in Sales I have lead the most successful teams even through 2008 to 2012 which were very rough and tough times here in the states. My team remanded ever dedicated and we came up with creative ideas to make it through that recession. Less

I am not sure if this company or offer is in the United states or England but open to travel and maybe even relocate with more understanding of the job, pay and benefits. Less

I work with several Rad Techs, CT and MRI techs. Managing their careers in the USA. While obviously as a Sales Professional and Motivational speaker I do not work with Siemens my candidates do and they are all top notch. Less

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what product should we choose to carry if we only have one cube foot storage left in our warehouse?

6 Answers

Whatever carries the highest unit contribution margin. Need a decisioning metric which considers top line revenue along with variable costs. Less

Gift cards

Keys to other fulfillment centers.

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You have a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and a Cash Flow statement. If you could choose two out of the three statements, which two would you choose and why?

6 Answers

You can make the SCF from BS and IS

This is a straight accounting question. You can make Cash Flow from Balance Sheet and Income Statement, so BS and IS is the answer! Less

@hussein: There is only one correct answer, and it is the Balance Sheet and Income Statement. Less

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Sidra Medicine

Why do you want to work at sidra

5 Answers

I am biomedical engineering and i need a job so i can hel u in your company and i need to improve my self Less

Carrier growth and development my skills in advance equipment

I am a Family Nurse Practitioner, like work abroad had working experience at middle East , fluent in Arabic Less

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What is Reconciliation?

4 Answers

Two sets of records are in agreement

To find difference in between two accounts

Reconciliation is the process of comparing two accounts to make sure they are ok. Less

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D. E. Shaw India

If the rate of $/Rs. was 50 in december and in march it is 45, has the dollar appreciated or depreciated and what does this mean for Indian exporters?

5 Answers

Dollar has depreciated. This is bad news for exporters because they earn in $ and for every $ they exchange in the bank, they will get Rs 5 less than what they used to. Less

Dollar has depreciated which makes the goods they purchase in India more costlier thus they avoid importing from India. Less

Its Exchange loss for Indian Exporters, as $ depreciated

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How many traffic lights are there in Houson?

4 Answers

Well, it's one of those estimation questions. The general idea is to come up with a structure for solving it that shows your thinking process and your ability to analyse a problem by identifying its key drivers and stripping it down to its essential parts. A good start to solving this one would be identifying where traffic lights are used - intersections. How many intersections? How many Streets? Just use a small borough/county as an estimate then multiply over the number of counties, get a figure, estimate how many lights per intersection, then you have a figure. Interviewers are more interested in how you arrived at your answer than the final answer in itself which is largely meaningless. Less

I would ask him, how many stars on the sky ...

Ask questioner what level of accuracy is required and how much time they are giving you to provide results. I would start by contacting the City Traffic Engg dept. If they will not give you the answer, ask what their criteria is for where they place traffic lights, obtain maps and pertinent data like traffic study results etc. Analyze information and arrive at results. Less

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