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Internship Interview Questions


Internship interview questions shared by candidates

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How work you work out all the prime numbers up to a given range?

3 Answers

Store all the prime numbers in an array and compare the next number with the array to find out whether it is prime or not.

Sieve of Eratosthenes algorithm. create an array of the numbers, set them all to the value 1. Start at 2, set every second number after 2 to 0. move to the next number (3). change every third number after three to zero. stop when there's no more numbers set to 1 or you reach the end of the array. At the end, the numbers marked 1 are the primes.

Interview candidate - did you give that answer in the interview? If so, what did they say?

Most efficient way to find the most frequent number (0-255) in a string of numbers

4 Answers

You are doing a Phd in Statistics, why do u want to work as a trader but not a quants

1 Answer

I could answer all the situational questions but the one that really threw me was how would I describe myself!

2 Answers

Software Engineering Aptitude Test

1 Answer

IPAT test

1 Answer

Group Task

1 Answer

A time you were wrong?

1 Answer

What is a 'pure virtual function'? - Was the only difficult one for me as I am not as familiar with C++ as other languages. :/

1 Answer

Questions switched between competency based, technical knowledge and things on your CV.

1 Answer
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