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Operations Associate Interview Questions


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describe a difficult task/situation and how you overcame it

1 Answer

Use an example from your experiences. describe why the task was difficult and the steps you personally had to take to overcome it. Showcase your ability to be organised in handling difficult situations, your initiative in handling it, your approach (being calm, not aggressive, staying positive etc)

excel proficiency? availability?

1 Answer

Talk about a time where you've had to turn deal with a difficult situation and turn it into a positive.

1 Answer

Prepare for some challenging questions around your values/reasons for joining the health tech sector/ a startup/ Medopad specifically. Strong focus on cultural fit in final round.

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Why Bumble?

2 Answers

Why did you leave your last position? If you were at a conference with colleagues, how would you act? How do you feel dealing with different approaches to the same issue? If someone you were dealing with had a very different approach, how would you go about dealing with it? We work with many different cultures and backgrounds externally, can you give an example of when you've had to engage with individuals/groups of a different culture/approach? Why this department? What do you know about Gold trading? What's the difference between allocated and unallocated accounts? Do you know much about the London Metal Exchange? (Good advantage to know about this and it's history, as in the last 30 years and changes etc).

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What is your reason for leaving your current job.

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