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Phone screening is just about personal technical experience. Question was making a search engine at a basic level.

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I could get majority green with the time limit. Next part of performance improvement was also answered with their clues. It was an interesting session.

- Please tell us about a project you worked on and discuss the architecture of the system

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Some silly Url shortening question

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How would you design click events collection

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Technologies yoy're using in your current role.

very technical question considering some use cases assessment of your experience and knowledge

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Stage1: 1. Why WeGift? 2. Different services in AWS that you have worked on? 3. Explain about current employer? 4. Explain about your contribution in current project architecture? 5. Tech stack used in current project? 6. Explain Event sourcing pattern Stage2: 1. Quick intro. 2. Technical questions on threading, concurrency and performance. 3. Why python? 4. Code loop on anagram and find the string exists in anagram.

Worst mistake you have ever made in your career?

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