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What is a point?

1 Answer

Points is a relative measure that can be used for agile estimation of size

Getting into details about team velocity all members suggest different actions to be undertaken. The tester was complaining about the quality of the product.

1 Answer

What will you say when the primary Stakeholder tells you that 5 Acceptance Criteria statements per story is too much and that he wants a max of 3?

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What do you like about being a Scrum Master?

1 Answer

How do you measure capacity of a Scrum team?

2 Answers

Scrum ceremonies.

1 Answer

Three words to describe your characteristics.

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(Have given a known problem that needs to be resolved) What would you do to resolve this?

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How would you justify the role of a Scrum Master within an organisation that believes the duties can be undertaken by line managers?

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