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How do maintain code quality?

1 Answer

Red/green build process plus TDS and solid principles in coding standards or guidance. This was not liked by the team!

How would you use unit testing

1 Answer

Tell me about a time when you had to work on a complex project involving multiple teams

Tell me about how you manage a high-performer in your team.

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I did not think any questions were difficult everything was common sense. Below are some questions I was asked. 1) Tell me about a project that you are proud of 2) What matrix did you use to determine the success? 3) Tell me about instances where you had most difficult time with people management. 4) How did you work with a low performer with was the outcome? 5) Did you have to fire anyone? 6) What are the disadvantages of Agile? 7) What is the high level architecture of your current project? 8) Have you implemented a project from scratch how did it go? High level architecture. 9) Implement stack in any language.

Give me an example of when you gave excellent service

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Various technical questions and behavioural questions, for example: tell me the time when you resolved a conflict? Tell me the time when you had to make difficult decisions. Each interviewer had a different focus, after 7 interviews you've seen them all.

SQL knowledge (t-sql, ssis, ssas (cubes/mdx), ssas)

Run through each of the SOLID principles (explanation/example of each)

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