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Top 10 Friendliest Workplaces – Retail Stores Dominate List

The average working week in Britain is over 43 hours long, so getting along with the people you work with is really important. To help job seekers identify where some of the friendliest places to work are, we turned to Glassdoor company reviews, contributed anonymously by employees all year round, to find out what companies have employees saying that friends or friendly work environments are one of the best reasons to work there.

Top 10 Friendliest Workplaces1:

Among the list of Top 10 Friendliest Workplaces, high-street retailers dominate the report. Well-known clothing store, T.K Maxx, claims the top spot with a 26 percent proportion of friend related reviews, followed closely by 25 percent at WHSmith (#2), 20 percent at Debenhams (#3), 20 percent Boots (#4) and 19 percent at ASDA (#5).

Greggs (#6) is the only food outlet to make the list, with 19 percent citing that they’ve built strong relationships, while not one employer in finance, tech or manufacturing breaks into the top 10. Popular low-budget retailer Primark (#7), supermarket Morrisons (#8), high street clothing chain River Island (#9) and another supermarket Sainsbury’s (#10) make-up the remaining four places on our list.

What employees say about friends in the workplace and the friendly work environment:

“The best thing about working for TK Maxx is the people that I work with, very friendly and helpful, I’ve found people that I will be friends with for life.” – TK Maxx Sales Assistant, Cardiff.

“Staff who I work with are excellent providing a great team morale. Supportive staff and reasonable. Manager has the right balance between friendly yet authoritative and always willing to help when uncertain.” – WHSmith Employee, location n/a.

“The staff are some of the best I have worked with. There is always a friendly atmosphere amongst both the customers and staff alike.” – Debenhams Sales Manager, Manchester.

“Friendly and welcoming atmosphere, staff discount, not a bad pay for a seasonal position.” Boots Seasonal Sales Assistant, location n/a.

“A great philosophy and mission statement which is impressed upon every employee from day one. The staff are always treated like the most precious commodity in the store and communication channels were made clear. Plus the subsidised canteen, friendly colleagues and extensive time-off options made my time there very enjoyable.”- ASDA Cashier, Yorkshire & Humber.

Have you made some great friends at your current or previous employer? Share a Glassdoor company review and help countless others discover the pros and cons of where you work.

1 Glassdoor Friendliest Workplaces list is based on company reviews shared on Glassdoor by UK-based employees between 11/06/08 and 18/08/15. Rankings were determined based on the proportion of reviews which made reference to the word “friend” within the ‘pros’ section of an employer’s company reviews.