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How many bits is the access flags of a file?

2 Answers

Traditional Unix permissions are broken down into: so answer is 3 read (r) write (w) execute file/access directory (x) Each of those is stored as a bit, where 1 means permitted and 0 means not permitted.

I'd say 9, since the three bits you have mentioned have to be multiplied by the three user groups (owner, group, others). rwxrwxrwx

How would you work out how many queries on Bing are related to Music and Entertainment?

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3 Answers

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How to "rescue" an underperforming store - group task

2 Answers

What is your experience with managing budgets

2 Answers

Design a system to prevent adverts from foreign actors from interfering in domestic politics.

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Please provide the command to identify the node location in linux sysytem ?

1 Answer

How do you provide permission for everyone to read a file in current directory name "apple" at the unix prompt.

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Tell me a little bit about yourself...

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Why this role?

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