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How would you work out how many queries on Bing are related to Music and Entertainment?

2 Answers

Think of easy ways to solve the problem... Scrape lists of artists from sources (Wikipedia etc), use reg-ex etc. Think about tools (SQL Server etc)

initially a seed of words are created from searching WIKI pages. These terms are searched across the internet pages. the pages which have many occurrences in these terms, the other important terms in these pages are also considered as related to music and entertainment. Also the list of words found are also related to music. This cycle is continued further. Whenever a search query has more than a particular threshhold of music related terms in the search string are music and entertainment related. also, if someone spends a lot of time on a particular page after doing a music search, that page is also indexed to get music related words from it.

How do you deal with difficult team member?

1 Answer

Tell me a little bit about yourself...

1 Answer

Take an object or a picture of an object with you which describes your personality and give a small presentation.

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What do you know about HAMLIN?

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Tell me a little bit more about your job XX

1 Answer

Director jumps in: "You seem like someone who would like to be in control all the time - how do you motivate yourself / what is your motivation? (After that: Where do you see yourself in 5-7 years)

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Why this role?

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My style of programme management. How do I gain cross functional buy in? Nothing too difficult to handle if prepared and know the subject matter around the role.

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