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Presentation on what my plans would be within the first 90 days

9 Answers

with my presentation

I thought there was already Operations Manager. Is Angela laid off?

50% is a glowing report of the MD. Yeah right. Also - "alon gwith having a very good eye for detail" - SEAN, IF YOU ARE GOKNG TO SAY YOU HAVE A GOOD EYE FOR DETAIL, CHECK YOUR TYPING.

Tell me about yourself

5 Answers

what do you think an operations manager deals with in a typical day?

5 Answers

Tell us how you motivate staff in a high pressured environment?

4 Answers

Some basic Linux questions and how you'd deal with customer queries. Standard HR questions really. Why i'd left my last job etc.

3 Answers

Design a betting system on a 7 series game beetween two teams A and B (even odds at each game), such as if A wins the series your cumulated gain is exacly £100 and if A looses your cumulated loss is exactly £100.

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behavioral questions – tell me when you faced a situation when

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17 19 23 29 37... What is the next number in the series?

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Why are you applying for this position?

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How many horses are bread in the United Kingdom?

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