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Which specific balance sheet items would you look at to determine a company's credit worthiness?

3 Answers

Assets, Liabilities, and Shareholder's Equity. - Assets: Are the economic resource of the company use to operate the company include Cash, Inventory, and Equipment - Liabilities: Represent the debt of the company. - Equity: Represent the net worth of the company.

Not sure but I would say Current Liabilities to Cash and liquid assets, change in cash flows, growth of net total assets are three possibilities, although there are certainly more and better answers.

Cash balances obviously as it shows if they have the flow to support additional lines of credit, then maybe creditors as it shows a pecking order if things go south.

Discuss the flaws of Black-Scholes.

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Tell me the different ways that you can calculate VaR (Value at Risk).

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Explain a time when you have had to deal with change?

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How do you hedge a cms cap

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What is the exotic input in a quanto?

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Why did you move from a Finance to a Strategy role?

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What are the current challenges of Santander and retail banking in general?

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Why do you want to work for Santander?

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1st Question - Tell us (FDM Group) a little bit yourself? 2nd Question - Why have you chosen FDM group? 3rd Question - What trend in the IT market do you best relate to!? 4th Question - Which quality of FDM's business model do you represent best!?

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