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Diversity & Inclusion

25 Companies Employees Say Are The Best for Diversity And Inclusion

Posted by Jill Cotton

Career Trends Expert

Last Updated 23 Sept 2022
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There’s a growing appetite amongst employees for greater transparency when it comes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. And employees have called out the UK companies who are doing this best in new research by the Glassdoor Economic Research team. 

But while some employers are committed to equality, a Glassdoor survey ahead of Black History Month has found black employees are being impacted by the ethnicity pay gap, and their workplace experience is not equal to their co-workers.

Key Findings

Looking at the experience of black employees in the workplace Glassdoor’s survey* found:

  • 2 in 5 have experienced a pay gap because of their ethnicity or believe it exists in their company.
  • 66% think their employer needs to do more to close the ethnicity pay gap and a further 1 in 2 say the gap has widened in the last two years
  • Over half (57%) believe the pay gap could be closed by increased salary transparency.

25 Highest Ranking UK Companies for Diversity & Inclusion in 2022

According to research by Glassdoor's Economic Research team, the highest rated UK companies for diversity and inclusion in 2022  are:

The list is based entirely on the reviews of those who know companies the best, the employees.

Glassdoor’s UK economist Lauren Thomas, who carried out the research comments: “Diversity and inclusion have been increasingly prioritised by employers in the last two years. And our list showcases a wide range of companies from multiple industries whose employees feel valued and included. However, it is clear that more still needs to be done before equality can be achieved in the workplace. Increased transparency around diversity and inclusion isn’t easy, but it is a powerful way to highlight progress and incentivise accountability. 

And while mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting is still in discussion, many companies, including Glassdoor, are voluntarily publishing their diversity and inclusion reports. Ultimately, company investments in diversity and inclusion efforts are both a social good and a critical part of a company’s workforce management strategy—a particularly salient consideration at a time when finding and retaining talent is so difficult.”

Diversity and Inclusion at Glassdoor

In 2020 Glassdoor publicly committed to doing more to foster greater diversity and inclusion within its own company and to fight inequalities in the workplace and society.

Job seekers want to know what potential employers are doing, not just saying, to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces. To achieve this a Diversity and Inclusion Rating was introduced to reviews to empower employees to share how satisfied they are with the diversity and inclusion at their current or former company, based on a 5 point scale.

Internally, our goal is for our workforce to reflect the users and the communities we serve by 2025. Glassdoor’s third annual Diversity, Equality and Inclusion report shows that 1 in 4 (25%) of all new hires to Glassdoor are from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups. In addition, our 2022 Pay Equity Analysis found no statistically significant pay gap across gender and race/ethnicity among Glassdoor’s employees when compared across similar roles and levels.

Glassdoor Methodology

The Glassdoor Economic Research team compiled the list of Top 25 UK Companies for Diversity and Inclusion from more than 290,000  diversity and inclusion ratings on Glassdoor from UK-based full and part-time employees between 20 August 2021 and 19 August 2022. The rankings included only companies with at least 500 global employees and 20 diversity and inclusion ratings in the time period considered. 

Survey Methodology

The survey, undertaken by OnePoll on behalf of Glassdoor, surveyed 2,000 UK employees who work full time between 30 March - 11 April 2022.

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