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The Most In-Demand Companies in the UK for 2021

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Last Updated 20 Apr 2021
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Let’s face it; some companies are going to be more appealing to work for than others. This could be because they have a flexible work policy, a fantastic benefits package or they have a reputation for progressing their employees’ careers.

To find out what companies people are looking to work for, Glassdoor analysed which companies job adverts received the most clicks in the last year. It’s a mixed bag of results, but supermarkets are coming out on top.

See what jobs the most in-demand companies are hiring for and hear from employees what it’s like to work for these companies.

The most in-demand companies in the UK in 2021 are:

  1. Amazon
  2. Tesco
  3. ALDI
  4. Morrisons
  5. NHS
  6. ASDA
  7. Google
  8. PWC
  9. Lidl
  10. J Sainsburys


Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, and it’s also a prominent supplier of cloud services and digital streaming.

The COVID pandemic has changed the way we shop - increasing demand for online shopping. To cope with this increase, Amazon has had to hire more staff.

Where hiring: Leicester, Avonmouth, Nottingham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and more

Open roles: Operations Manager, Data Specialist, Area Manager, Warehouse Operative, Vendor Manager, Business Intelligence Engineer

What employees say: “Customer-centric, insists on highest standards, great peer group, variety of projects to gain great experience.” - Finance Manager

Current Knowledge Management Manager

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Tesco is a multinational grocery and general retailer. Tesco has approximately 3900 stores in the UK. 

The grocery retail sector is one of a small number of sectors that managed to grow in the last year. This has led to Tesco hiring more staff to service customers in-store and online. 

Where hiring: Bristol, London, Maldon, Swindon, Glasgow and more

Open roles: Customer Assistant, Delivery Driver, Programme Manager, Maintenance Technician, Shift Leader and more 

What employees say: Benefits, work-life balance, range of projects, fast-pace and senior-leadership accessibility. People-focused and a growth mindset culture (especially leaders).” - Buying Manager 

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ALDI is a value grocery retailer whose head office is in Germany. Across the UK, ALDI has approximately 900 stores. 

ALDI is a fast-growing retailer, and it has plans to increase the number of UK stores to 1200 by 2025. 

Where hiring: Tamworth, Atherstone, Hemel Hempstead, Plymouth and more 

Open roles: Stock Assistant, Quality Assurance Assistant, Deputy Manager, National Buying Assistant, Area Manager and more 

What employees say: Flexible with work hours. Always an opportunity for overtime. Good pay, paid from the minute you clock in till the minute you clock out. Paid breaks with the opportunity to have an extra break non paid with notice. Paid premium rate if having to stay at work past 10pm. Great working environment. - Retail Store Assistant 

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Morrisons is the fourth largest chain of supermarkets in the UK. Founded in 1899, its head office is in Bradford. There are around 500 Morrisons stores in the UK. 

In the last year, Morrisons has expanded its home delivery service to suit the habits of more people shopping for groceries online. This has led to Morrisons needing thousands of more staff.  

Where hiring: Humber, Northampton, Sheffield, Bradford, Essex, Kent and more 

Open roles: Warehouse Operatives, Florist, HR Manager, Delivery Driver, Store Manager, Dispensing Assistant and more 

What employees say: Great pay, team environment, so friendly and lots of overtime available.” - Home Delivery Picker 

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NHS, short for the National Health Service, is the collective name for the UK’s publicly funded healthcare system. 

The NHS serves the entire UK population. The NHS is always looking for people who are passionate about caring and helping others, whether that’s porters, reception staff, nurses or doctors. 

Where hiring: Birmingham, London, Aberdeen, Exeter, Lancashire, Manchester, Bournemouth and more 

Open roles: Health Care Assistant, Social Worker, Dentist, Support Worker, Staff Nurse, Mental Health Nurse and more 

What employees say: Job security, good pay, friendly people and not a lot of weekend work.” - Pharmacy Support Worker 

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ASDA is one of the UK’s largest grocery and general retailers. Founded in 1949, its head office is in Leeds, and it has approximately 630 stores in the UK. 

ASDA, like other grocery retailers, has seen its business grow in the last year, particularly its home delivery service. This has led the company to go on a hiring drive to meet customer demand. 

Where hiring: Leeds, Aberdeen, Stevenage, Stockport, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Somerset and more 

Open roles: Warehouse Operative, Buying Specialist, Section Leader, Security, Petrol Assistant, Store Assistant and more 

What employees say: Extremely friendly place to work. Very flexible, and very understanding company and employees.” - Sales Assistant 

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Google is a multinational technology company that offers internet related products and services. 

Google has a reputation for being an innovative company that cares about the health and wellbeing of its employees. Google was included on Glassdoor’s list of 20 Best Places to Work 2021. 

Where hiring: London 

Open roles: Product Analyst, App Sales Manager, Head of Business & Operations, Technical Director, Technical Program Manager and more 

What employees say: “Cool work that matters, employee satisfaction, amazing people, compensation.” - Current employee 

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PWC stands for PriceWaterhouseCoopers. PWC is a multinational professional services firm and is counted among the biggest four accounting firms in the UK. 

PWC has a prestigious reputation and is an in-demand company, particularly with graduates looking to build their careers with an international professional services firm. 

Where hiring: Leeds, Birmingham, Belfast, Edinburgh, London, Aberdeen, Cardiff and more 

Open roles: Data Analyst, Operations Manager, Finance Associate, Software Engineer, Product Manager and more 

What employees say: High pay, good working environment and up to date technologies.” - Senior Associate 

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Lidl is a value grocery retailer that employs over 22,000 people across its 800 stores and 13 distribution centres in the UK. 

Lidl is growing fast in the UK, and it has plans to open a further 51 stores. To fulfil this expansion plan, the company needs to hire people to fill jobs like store assistants, checkout operatives and more. 

Where hiring: Northampton, Catterick, Essex, Surrey, London, Brighton and more 

Open roles: Shift Manager, Customer Assistant, Area Manager, Kitchen Assistant and more 

What employees say: “Extremely professional outfit with lots of long term staff and the wealth of IT experience that comes with that. Lots of opportunities for self-improvement and training.” - IT Analyst  

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J Sainsburys 

J Sainsbury’s, or Sainsbury’s as it’s more commonly known, is the second-largest supermarket chain in the UK. Founded in 1869, it has approximately 1,428 stores in the UK. 

Like other large supermarkets, Sainsbury’s has seen its sales grow, particularly from its home delivery service. Sainsbury’s are hiring more staff to manage this increase in orders. 

Where hiring: London, Edinburgh, Milton Keynes, Maidenhead, Edinburgh and more 

Open roles: Analytics Manager, Software Engineer, Driver, Store Manager, Product Manager, Data Engineer and more 

What employees say: “Very good pay, ability to work in different areas of the company, positive working environment.” - Trading Assistant 

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Methodology: This report was compiled using a sample of UK-based job seekers searching for jobs on Glassdoor between 1st February 2021 and 28th February, 2021 to identify which employers received the most clicks on their open job postings. Data from UK-based job seekers searching for jobs at specific companies on Glassdoor over the last 12 months provides additional trends.

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