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Associate Consultant Interview Questions


Associate consultant interview questions shared by candidates

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What kind of a leader are you?

2 Answers

A leader's job is to lead the followers in the right direction by creating right amount of energy in his followers by motivating them to complete the given task and I think I can do that very easily Infact am a master of this thing

Thanks, and I believe that the question was more around the type/kind of leader in terms of whether you are e.g. a charismatic, autocratic, coaching, situational and so on leader. There's plenty of literature on this topic.

What would you say are your three greatest weaknesses?

1 Answer

Prepare with all the usual questions. Why do you want to work in recruitment etc.

1 Answer

This job is like spinning plates, having different tasks at the time. How do I feel about this?

1 Answer

Sales is a dirty word? Agree or disagree?

1 Answer

What's your opinion on corporate banking?

1 Answer

Where do you see yourself in five years?

1 Answer

"Why do you want to work in recruitment?"

1 Answer

What is the annual income of London Metro system - the interviewer refused to specify whether this includes overground, he would argue with my estimates up to decimals (!) Just a confusing experience. Again, nothing like that with McKinsey

1 Answer

whay key wins could Accenutre bring to this client issue

1 Answer
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